0 – Preamble to the Story of Katherine Sophie





Katherine Sophie and Sarah had bonded at the Beaux Arts School because they were both foreigners, tall and smart, if not as wise as they could have thought. They had no urge for any career plan, so it cut them from half the school’s headcount, no desire for marriage from what they had witnessed, letting out half of the women students, they did not really binge or smoke, to scare off most of the rest of them would be artists. Nonetheless, as it will be told, those¬† whom they befriended remained rooted in their hearts. In Camille Stern’s Gallery, they met closer mainly because at first Sarah, who had rented an apartment in Camille’s attic, became her occasional lover and they both eyed on Kate who did not avoid their advances. Kate lived in the comfortable place Hugo, friend and investor for Camille, lent her as a reward for her complacent disrobing before his camera once a week or so, although she wasn’t sure there were any photographs taken at all. When everybody became more intimate at Camille’s, Sarah came at Hugo’s; and when Kate fled for Berlin, she let him have more than photos of her. Since her early schooldays, Sarah kept approximate flight logs and reminders, stacked in a worn khaki bag covered with dada grafiti that she had pushed around in her tribulations. Once, when Camille was lolling upstairs in her bed, she fetched for her notes as to tell drafts of her already turbulent story. Not only did Camille fell under the spell of a newly hectic Sarah sitting on her heels with sweat at her temples but she envied the wealth of her life’s paper records, as undecipherable as they were for anyone but that elfin tomboy with a taste of wild raspberry. The next day, Camille bought a stock of notebooks and started her own log. Contagion grew around as Camille showed her court of accomplices about how she had been captivated by Sarah’s demonstrative epiphany. And thus, instant hypertext helping, the yarn hereunder to the necessity for any of us to tell, and the best profits for Hugo, in the magic lair.

At the time when this endless tale starts, Sarah became very concerned with Kate…






  1. A Fly In The Lamp
  2. Misty Shallows
  3. Perfect Fifths
  4. Potamus, Washington!
  5. Merciful Strings
  6. Tales Of The Fairies
  7. Bella Fuggiasca
  8. Le Concept K
  9. The Squirrel On The Lake Shore
  10. Seasons In A Live Stream
  11. The Gentle Straddler From Oz
  12. Hector And Victor
  13. Show Up, Show Down, Show Off
  14. Convolvulus In The Thorns
  15. Free Swans Of Schleswig-Holstein
  16. One Last Flight Of The Tudor Angels
  17. One-Drop In The River Seine
  18. A Unicorn In The Wires